Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Flipped Classroom: Sefer Ezra Chapters 1-3

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I am planning to try the Flipped Classroom model this year in my Nach class. We are learning about Shivat Zion through Sefer Ezra/ Nechemiah, Chagai, Zechariah, and (maybe) Malachi.

Here are my first 5 videos on Ezra Chapters 1-3 with HW assignments as a Google Form for each of them. I welcome your constructive feedback.

1. Ezra Chapter 1, Verses 1-6

2. Ezra Chapter 1, Verses 7-11

3. Ezra Chapter 2

4. Ezra Chapter 3, Verses 1-7

5. Ezra Chapter 3 Verses, 8-13

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